Airborne geophysics

Helicopter airborne geophysical complex “Impulse-A7-450” is designed for airborne geophysical work.

Field Aerial Intelligence

Digital registration from EM field sensors was carried out directly on the platform and transmitted digitally to the on-board recorder.

Aeromagnetic survey

The registration of the magnetic field induction module was performed by a CB-3 quantum aeromagnetometer located in a gondola moved under the helicopter 25 m from the aircraft carrier. To take into account the variations of the geomagnetic field during the entire flight time, the magnetic field variations were recorded with a GSM-19W magnetometer, with a recording interval of 1 s.

Airgamma spectrometry

The RSX-4 and RSX-5 digital gamma-ray spectrometers of the RS-500 series are located on board the helicopter. In devices, the calibration and adjustment of the energy scale is carried out in a continuous automatic mode, which eliminates the need for manual adjustment, and also allows you to do without the use of artificial radioactive sources for calibration work. When operating the gamma spectrometers of the RS-500 series, no radioactive sources are required. In spectrometers, a patented analysis technique is used, which provides automatic adjustment of the gain of the detectors and compensates for the effects of the “zero” bias associated with heating and aging of the crystal.

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