Airborne geophysical surveys – New project

In accordance with the approved Geological Exploration Program of the State Committee for Geology and Mineral Resources, “Regionalgeology” State Unitary Enterprise began work on a new project: “Integrated airborne geophysical survey at a scale of 1:25 000 in the Kuldzhuktau mountains, northwestern Bukantau mountains and the Malguzar mountains”

Airborne geophysical studies will be carried out by magnetic prospecting, electrical prospecting, gamma-ray spectrometry with the aim of creating a modern airborne geophysical basis for the GDP (additional site exploration)-50 (25) and GGK (deep geological mapping)-100 (50) and the delineation of prospective areas. According to the plan, the first stage of airborne geophysical surveys will be carried out in the Navoi and Bukhara regions (Kuldzhuktau mountains). To perform flight operations, the Company entered into an aircraft lease agreement with Uzbekistan Helicopters OJSC. A set of Impuls-A-7-450 equipment was delivered to the field site, the airborne geophysical complex was assembled and set up, a heliport was prepared where equipment is currently being installed and mounted on the MI-8MTV-1 helicopter, with further airborne geophysical surveys .

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