For confirmation of the identified promising positions, geophysical and geochemical anomalies of the SE “Central GGE”, it uses drilling rigs manufactured in the Republic of Korea and Russia.

Drilling equipment from the Republic of Korea
Manufacturer: “Hanjin D&B Co. Ltd. ”
Multipurpose hydroficated drilling rigs of modular type D & B-10, D & B-12, D & B-30 with high technological characteristics:
  1. Full core output with triple suspended core pipe (NQ3).
  2. Drilling speed up to 1500-2000 m per month.
  3. Integrated top rotator.
  4. Lightweight drill pipe replacement.
  5. Return casing extension.
  6. Independent movement of the drilling rig and its location on uneven sites using a hydraulic system.

Drilling equipment from Russia
  Hydraulic crawler-mounted drilling rig Z-700 with diesel drive.
  Manufacturer: CJSC “EZTAB Mining Group”
  Drilling with CCK complex with double core pipe to a depth of 700 m.

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