Product Description
The RA-915M mercury analyzer is part of the analytical mercury complex, which has the unique ability to perform fast selective measurements of mercury concentrations in atmospheric air, gas streams, and liquid and solid samples. The original optoelectronic circuit of the analyzer provides an ultra-low detection limit (units of nanograms per cubic meter) of mercury in direct measurement mode (without preliminary concentration), high analysis selectivity and a wide dynamic measurement range (more than three orders of magnitude).


Measurement range of the mass concentration of mercury vapor in air, ng / m3from 20 to 20000
The limits of permissible basic relative error, d0,%± 20
The limit of permissible relative standard deviation of the output signal of the analyzer,%5
The limit of the permissible value of the mean square deviation (RMS) of the zero signal, ng / m32
Analyzer zero signal drift in 5 minutes, ng / m3, no more2
The limit of permissible changes in the readings of analyzers for 8 hours in fractions of d00,5
Time of establishment of indications, s, no more20
Analyzers exit time to the mode, min, no more20
The volumetric flow rate of the analyzed air at the inlet of the analyzers, dm3 / min, not less10
Air volumetric flow rate at the exit of the gas system of analyzers with a blocked inlet, dm3 / min, no more0,3
Absorption coefficient of mercury vapor with an integrated sorption filter,%, not less than98
Maximum permissible error due to a change in ambient temperature within the operating range for every 10 ° C, in fractions of d00,5
Power consumption, V × A, no more35
Analyzers continuous operation time from the built-in battery, h, at least8
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