Implementation of airborne geophysics complex

“Experimental and methodological work on the technology of conducting airborne geophysical research” in the Navoi and Samarkand regions (Mount Ziaetdin) was successfully completed with the aim of mastering and introducing into production a modern airborne geophysical complex, developing technology and techniques for conducting high-altitude surveys of geophysical and geochemical fields.

The need for experimental and methodical work is justified by the acquisition of the Central State Geological Survey State Enterprise by a new Russian-made Impulse-A7-450 airborne geophysical complex.

The Impulse-A7-450 helicopter aerogeophysical complex is designed for conducting geophysical electromagnetic studies using the transient method in the aerovariant, measuring the magnetic field of the earth using an external aeromagnetometer and aerogamm spectrometry.

The airborne geophysical data of magnetic exploration, electrical exploration, and gamma-ray spectrometry obtained as a result of commissioning and commissioning of integrated airborne geophysical work were processed using QCMC, EMDP, and Oasis Montaj (GEOSOFT) packages.

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